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InterioReview has developed proprietary technology that allows our surveyors to transmit laser data directly to CAD work stations to save time and increase accuracy. 

• IR Works

Utilizing a Bluetooth enabled handheld surveying laser a user can transmit measurement data directly into an Architectural Desktop or Revit field workstation.  Capturing data and building CAD models in Real Time creates a huge improvement in efficiency and accuracy.

Building Framework Templates customize each building and data in the field. 
The smart questionnaire loads the correct objects and focuses the surveyor and software based on the type of building be surveyed.
On board navigation tools and tutorials ensures that your questions are answered in the field.

We are currently beta testing both these programs.  If you are a
surveyor or architect interested in testing our products please e-mail us at  beta@interioreview.com

• Icovia RoomPlanner

Icovia, the leader in interactive room planner has developed an intuitive room planner that allow individuals to visualize the floorplan, size and position furniture, and see photos of the space.
Floorplans can be created by Ireview, or existing plan floofplans can be traslated, posted and hosted on the web through icovia's professional services.